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IV Therapy Events

IV Therapy Events services offered in Newtown, PA

High levels of physical and mental stress due to your daily workload, travel, and diet can affect your overall well-being. At Flow IV Drips, the skilled team offers corporate IV parties to companies in and around the Financial District neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. You can join a concierge membership plan, schedule a treatment time, and the team can deliver IV therapy at your next corporate event. To explore the benefits of IV therapy for your team, call Flow IV Drips or reach out by email today. 

IV Therapy Events Q&A

What are IV therapy events?

IV therapy events, also known as drip parties, allow your medical provider to come to your home, hotel, or other location of preference to administer IV infusions. They set everyone up with a customized IV blend of vitamins, minerals, and fluids to improve your health and well-being.  

IV parties are an excellent way to recover from hangovers, colds and flu, muscle soreness after workouts, and dehydration. You may also benefit from IV blends that enhance the health and beauty of your skin. 

How do IV therapy events work? 

At Flow IV Drips, IV therapy events are a seamless and convenient process. By enrolling in a membership plan, you can book an IV therapy event with the friendly team and they can come directly to your location of preference. 

There are three membership plans available: 

Basic plan 

With the basic plan, you get one IV therapy event, free medical consultations, as well as a 10% discount.  

Premium plan 

The premium plan gives you access to three events and free consultations. You also receive a 20% discount for priority booking.

Platinum plan

The platinum plan is for star members, giving you free access to the team’s guidance and five IV therapy events. You’ll also get a 25% discount for booking the event. 

You and your group select an IV blend that best fits your health and wellness needs, and then schedule a time for the team to come to you. The team also offers quick medical consultations to help you select the perfect IV infusion. 

During your IV party, a skilled provider from Flow IV Drips gently inserts an IV into a vein in your arm and allows the nutrients and fluids to enter your bloodstream. Once the treatment is complete, you and your group can experience effective relief of your symptoms. 

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

IV therapy may be more effective than oral delivery methods. Since the vitamins and minerals enter your bloodstream directly, it passes the digestive process. Research shows that you may not receive the full benefits of oral supplements because the nutrients have to pass through your digestive system before they can be absorbed.  

Unlike dietary supplements, the nutrients are absorbed almost instantly through the intravenous (IV) method and many people feel the effects “kick in” immediately after treatment. 

To learn more about IV therapy events and how they can benefit your group, call Flow IV Drips or reach out by email today.